We know a few marketing secrets that beat the crap out of any competition.

We're a large buyer of unconventional media. Global scale operations. Driving crazy amounts of web-traffic. World famous conversion rates. Sweet spot targeting. Partner & Affiliate platform with real time updates. Business-To-Consumer (B2C) & Business-To-Business (B2B).

Sample brands


Contacted by us?

If you've been contacted by us, it's because you're on our people-to-do-business-with-right-know-list. If so, hurry answer that message! We're building the world's largest partner network of unconventional media channels. We always split 40-60 with our network partners in favor to the partner.

  • Great brands

    We don't help clients promote bad products or services. We always work with great products and brands.

  • Only from us

    It has come to our knowledge that some people try to act on our behalf. A message from us always looks like this: "firstname.lastname@bokza.com". If it doesn't, it's not from us.

  • The clock is ticking

    When you are contacted by us, the timing is crucial. Most of the times you only have 48 hours to respond, sometimes a bit longer. The reason is simple; Our clients need results immediately, and that is our promise to them. However, you are still on our list for future opportunities, and if you don't want that, you should reply to our communication with a NO.

Need new Customers?

Currently we have the capacity to reach 50,000 - 1,200,000 laser targeted potential customers (depending on country) in a single day! We don't do spammy email marketing. Our methods are much more sophisticated. Send an email to: info@bokza.com for more information.

  • Sharing is caring

    Occasionally we share some of our secrets. That is, things we no longer use. Still, those things are probably 100 times better and more innovative than those ideas your marketing department or marketing agency ever will come up with. Leave your email in the form here below to receive marketing tips from us (non serious email addresses will be removed from our email list).